Absolute color space

The Multispectral images are saved directly in CIElab

The new Tech Vision system offers the combined advantages of capturing with multispectral colors and storing the data in the CIELab color space.

The unique multispectral camera system captures more colors than can be recorded by a normal camera system using RGB color filters, and by using the CIELab color space, the Tech Vision system can store all of the recorded colors. Offering a unique possibility to record extremely precise color data for the present and the future.

Lab is an absolute color space

The CIELab color space is an absolute color space, so it defines colors exactly, and is not depended on input devices (camera) or output devices (monitors and printer).

Other color spaces RGB or CMYK, do not exactly define color, they are only mixing recipes for light (RGB) or ink (CMYK). There are many different RGB color spaces, and the color of particular RGB values is not known unless the color primaries that create the color space are known.  There is only one CIELAB, and the exact color of any value is always known.

The CIELab color space is larger and includes more color (even more than the human eye can see) than other color spaces. In for example RGB or CMYK certain colors are not represented in the color spaces and these colors are impossible to reproduce in these limited color spaces.

The Lab color space is the common color space of ICC color management, the international standard of color management. Even for devices not based on the CIELab color space, the colors will still be converted to and from CIELab in a color managed workflow. CIELab is the basis on which all color management  systems are built.

In work where color accuracy is critical the Lab color space is by far the best

Color not represented in the RGB or CMYK  color space, can still be recorded and stored in the much larger CIELab color space.

The colors recorded will be stored in color values independent of specific devices and will have greater value in the future where such devices and their color space have changed.

When presenting color artwork on a monitor or print, the color space must be converted to a color space specific to the monitor or printing method. When the starting color space is CIELab, the conversion will be more accurate because the starting values come from a larger device independent color space. And the conversion will also be independent of time.

Hyperspectral Imaging